Joomla! 5 : The Best Version Yet and Why You Should Upgrade

Joomla! 5 : The Best Version Yet and Why You Should Upgrade

Joomla! 5 was finally released in October 2023, it's kind of 18 years after its initial release. it’s obvious that it’s the best Joomla version so far and possibly the best CMS out there. 

The main goal of a new major version isn't to add cool new features.  Instead, it's to make the software ready for the future by using modern design and technology to last longer. In short, Joomla 5 is designed to be Fast, Accessible, Secure, Extendable, and Personalized for you.

Barriers to Upgrading to Joomla 5

Updating to a new version can seem easy, but there are challenges. Here are some common reasons people find it hard to upgrade to Joomla 5:

  1. MySQL 8 is not compatible with my hosting.
    That it true some hosts don't support MySQL 8, but many others do or offer alternatives. Even shared-hostings support MySQL 8.
  2. My Template is not compatible with Joomla 5.
    If your templates were not compatible with Joomla 5, there is no worry, There are many free and commercial Joomla 5 compatible templates, including the built-in Cassiopeia template, making it easier to upgrade.
  3. Components/Modules/Plugins Compatibility
    Yes, not all components, modules, or plugins are updated to Joomla 5, but using built-in extensions are more than enough to create a cool website.

Upgrading to Joomla 5 is a good chance to rethink your website. Joomla 5.1.x has many new features, like custom fields and workflows, reducing the need for extra components or plugins.

Why You Should Upgrade to Joomla 5

  1. Better Performance and Speed
    Joomla 5 uses modern coding and PHP 8.2+, making it faster, especially without the B/C plugin.
  2. Improved Accessibility
    Joomla 5 follows web standards, making it easier for people with disabilities to use.
  3. Better SEO
    Joomla 5 has better SEO tools, helping your website get more visibility.
  4. Easier User Experience
    The admin interface is cleaner and more intuitive. It might take some time to get used to, but you’ll appreciate it soon. The Dark Mode is also greatly improved.
  5. Increased Security
    Joomla 5 uses up-to-date code and practices to protect against security threats.
  6. Improved Multilingual Support
    Better translation tools are great for multilingual sites, and there are updated solutions to enhance this feature.
  7. Modern Codebase
    Following current PHP standards makes it easier for new developers to work with Joomla.
  8. Built-in Guided Tours
    The Guided Tours system helps users learn how to use Joomla 5.x.

Join the Joomla Community

With Joomla 5, you have a strong CMS with new and improved features. No matter if  you're a content creator, developer, or administrator, Joomla 5 has tools to make your job easier and more fun. The future is bright for Joomla 5. Upgrade now to Joomla 5 and join the strong and friendly Joomla community, ready to help with any issues.

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