Using Variable within Function as Dynamic Styling in SCSS

Using Variable within Function as Dynamic Styling in SCSS

SCSS, also known as Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), is a popular preprocessor for CSS that extends the capabilities of traditional CSS by introducing features like variables and functions. In SCSS, functions and variables are important features that enhance the capabilities of CSS and make it more powerful and flexible.

Color palette combination in rgb Hex

Simple Hints Web design improvement with color palettes

According to wikipedia, a color scheme is the choice of colors used in various artistic and design contexts. For example, the "Achromatic" use of a white background with black text is an example of a basic and commonly default color scheme in web design.

Essential Steps We Must Take Before Launching Our Joomla Website

Launching a Joomla website is an exciting step, it's showtime. But before unveiling your creation, it's crucial to ensure everything is in order. Taking the time to prepare your Joomla site before the official launch can help set the stage for success. This guide, we will explore essential steps and best practices to follow before launching a Joomla website, ensuring a smooth and reaches maximum potential.

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